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Redecorate Your Patio With Foam Products

Are you excited that warm weather is right around the corner? Gone are the frigid winter months, and now you can plan picnics and entertaining right in your own back yard. If you have decided to redecorate your patio and you are working with a tight budget, from making your own furniture cushions to designing throw pillows using foam, here are some ideas that might help you to create something unique and attractive. 

The Patio Furniture - Do you already have patio furniture? If so, is it in good repair? If you have wrought iron, wicker or outdoor wooden furniture, consider repainting it. If you want to change the look of the furniture, consider painting it a totally different color. If you want a traditional look, go with natural colors like tan, brown, moss green or even white for the paint color. For a bit more drama, consider selecting colors like turquoise, yellow or any other color you would find in nature. Adding seat cushions would be another consideration, both to make the furniture more comfortable and to add beauty to the patio. Making the seat cushions out of foam may be an affordable and easy way to create your own seat cushions.

The Added Touches - Think about using foam to add pizzaz to the patio area. For example, consider making super large floor cushions that can be used for extra seating. Another idea is to make bean bag chairs of different sizes, some for little kids to use and others for teens and adults. You can more than likely find bags of foam that is already in chunks at fabric stores or at craft stores. Since you're wanting to redecorate your patio on a tight budget, foam products may be a very affordable solution to the seating you want to add. Don't forget that you can also make throw pillows in fun shapes like stars or hexagons. Is there a hammock or a bench swing on your patio? If so, the throw pillows would be a great way to decorate them, and they'd make the hammock and the bench swing a comfy place to relax.

While you're at it, save leftover pieces of foam for kids to use as building blocks. Using permanent markers or even kid-safe paints, design things like happy faces or animals on the blocks, or let the kids make their own design. Don't worry if the blocks are not a uniform size. For more ideas, visit a place like Foam Superstore.