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6 Key Pieces Every Jack Sparrow Fanboy Needs To Look Like A Pirate

Ahoy! What's not to love about Jack Sparrow?! Whether you want to dress like him for Halloween or every day life, his style is fun to emulate. Jack isn't your average, run-of-the-mill pirate, however. He's an old salt who would steal your loot in a heartbeat and would rather die than be a landlubber. If you want to look like him, try these tricks. 

Black Eyeliner: One of the first things that most people notice about Jack is his liberal use of liquid, black eyeliner that would make an 80s pop star jealous. Applying eyeliner well takes practice. Start by investing in a quality black eyeliner pencil and binge-watching some YouTube videos on the topic. After a long Saturday night and some rum, you'll be able to apply it like a pro and look like a proper captain, not a scallywag. 

Goatee Gel: A proper goatee needs to be well cared for. When you spend months at sea with the salt air hitting your face, it can take a toll on anyone's facial hair. Use a high quality goatee gel or a beard balm to soothe your dry skin and put down the rebellion of hairs on your face. 

Bracelet: When you fly the Jolly Roger, you love skull jewelry. It's just the pirate way. Start collecting black leather bracelets and single skull gold bracelets -- the more, the merrier. Pile them on to build your Jack Sparrow look. 

Buff: These versatile head coverings and can worn in a number of different ways. Many pirates like to wear them around their neck as a scarf, but Jack rocks the sahariane by twisting it over his dreads and wearing it as a very masculine headband. 

Sword: You can't be a swash-buckling pirate without a sword at your side. Of course, it doesn't need to be real. Jack was always more of a lover than a fighter anyway. In fact, he is rather famous for saying, "Why fight when you can negotiate." 

Rings: If you look closely at Captain Sparrow, you will notice that he wears more jewelry than the average person. OK -- more than the average pirate. The rings and jewelry are part of his booty, the loot he took when pillaging unsuspecting cargo ships. It's a pirate's right after all. While you may have to come by your collection the honest way and buy them online, you should definitely include as many single skull gold bracelets and rings as you can. 

Whatever reason you have for dressing like Jack, from Halloween to International 'Talk Like a Pirate' day, be the fanboy that you know you can be and own it.