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Working On Wood-Finishing Projects? Keep Your Home's Air Clean

Many people embark on various projects during the year, including wood-finishing tasks. But some things you might do during your project can make your home's air unclean or unsafe, including sawdust and odors. If your project involves bonding, cutting, or painting wood, keep the air in your home clean with these tips.

Ventilate Your Work Space

No matter where you plan to work on your projects, you want to ventilate the area. The sawdust and odors created during wood-cutting or sawing projects can make the air unsafe to breathe. Along with other substances, wood dust can wreak havoc on your nasal passages, eyes, and oral cavity. If you have hidden allergies to wood dust, you could become sick without even knowing it.

You want to work in a place that contains windows. You can open the windows to allow fresh air into your workspace and contaminated air out of your workspace. If the space is air-conditioned, try to place your thermostat on temperature cool enough to circulate air properly. The room shouldn't be too warm or too cold. 

You can also use a small- to medium-sized air purification system in your workspace. Although a purifier won't remove every particle from the air, it can make the air less contaminated. Also, vacuum your workspace often. Use a vacuum with a high suction ability for the best results.

In addition to keeping your workspace well ventilated, you also want to use safer bonding materials. 

Use Safer Bonding Materials

Bonding agents, such as glue and epoxy, can make many projects around the house easy. However, some products produce odors that can be hard on the eyes and respiratory system. If you use a bonding agent, such as low viscosity epoxy resin, you can keep odors and other hazards to a minimum. 

Low-viscosity epoxy resin is light and easy to use. The curing time for this type of resin may be longer, but it can produce a safe finish once it dries. Your ventilated workspace may help the produce dry better. 

Low-viscosity epoxy resin also protects your project from moisture. Moisture is one of the top causes of mold growth. Mold not only destroys surfaces, but it can also trigger allergies

When you're ready to choose an epoxy resin, contact a supply company in person or online. A company may offer resins for a number of projects, including overlays and casting. Learn more about low viscosity epoxy resin by contacting a supply agent today.